Dudley Creek

Do you know why eel pipes (‘tuna townhouses’) were installed along the rock
edging of the Dudley Creek?

“Understanding is the key to true knowledge.” – Liam Williams

Unless you were in Christchurch on the 4th September 2010 and the 22nd February 2011, you won’t understand what we went through.

Unless you lived in Flockton Basin after the earthquakes, you won’t understand what they went through.

And unless you live in Richmond, you won’t understand what we are going through.

So why are eel pipes important? I didn’t know about them until I read this report:
Getting All The Multidisciplinary Ducks In A Row – Stream Waterway Design
By Murphy A (Beca), Smith I (Beca), McMurtrie S (EOS Ecology), Keesing V (Boffa

This report gave me understanding, and with it hope…that a project which has caused problems for our community, will be a learning opportunity to share the story of the Dudley Creek Flood Remediation.

Which is why I created the Dudley Creek Trail.

Each pin is clickable and has more info/links, + & -, are in the bottom left hand corner, so you can zoom in/out.
Click on the square with arrow, in the top left hand corner, to show/hide map legend/layers.

This is an educational opportunity to share the story through ‘wayfinding’ signage, to teach:
– our local primary/intermediate/secondary school students
– the rest of Christchurch and New Zealand
– our overseas visitors
and share the technical behind-the-scenes information and lessons learnt, with the professional visitors to this site, whose jobs are to design/implement flooding remediation projects for their communities.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the design/construction of this project, the Papanui-Innes Community Board and the Christchurch City Council.

Thank you also to the families of Flockton Basin, whose notes where posted on the “R.A.D.S – Richmond Avonside Dallington Shirley Locals” Facebook page.

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