Richmond Village

Did you know  that the Stanmore Road shops already has a name/identity?

Richmond Village on Stanmore Road includes:
– Richmond Village Green,
– Richmond Playground,
– Richmond Neighbourhood Cottage,
plus your typical local shops: Supermarket, Chemist, Post Shop, Butcher, Fruit & Veges, Bin Inn, Barber, Hairdressers and Dairies etc.

1987 CCC Report: “Richmond Neighbourhood Improvement Area”
“This report was prepared by the Christchurch City Council and published in 1987. The document consists of nine sections and includes descriptions of the Richmond area as it was in the late 1980s, as well as suggestions for improving the appearance, function and traffic flows in and around the area. So, it is an interesting snapshot of Richmond as it was thirty years ago as well as an insight into the thinking at the time, of people seeking to improve the area.”

This area does need a makeover to help tell the Richmond Village story.
We have an identity, we have a rich Māori heritage and early settlers/archaeological/architectural history, but we haven’t been sharing this story with the Christchurch locals and our international visitors.

We need a Richmond Village website, with a page for each business address on Stanmore Road.

We need a Community Board/Map on Richmond Village Green, with QR Code links to each website page, so our non English speakers, can use Google Translate.

We need a “Richmond Village Master Plan” similar to the “Edgeware Village Master Plan”.

The “Richmond Village Master Plan” could also include a ‘walkable centre’, with lower traffic speed, making the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Richmond resident Gillian Sheard has been engaging with the locals, Community Board and CCC regarding options to address pedestrian safety concerns throughout Stanmore Road.

As part of the “Richmond Village Master Plan” we could change the look of Stanmore Road to create a more welcoming environment, with ‘wayfinding signage’, more street lighting with colourful flags of the different countries in our community, landscaping and outdoor seating/picnic space, and more events like a Richmond Village Market to utilise the Richmond Village Green, and “Rise Up Richmond”.