10 Shirley Road

This ‘project’ started back in April with: https://www.10shirleyroad.org.nz/imagine/

I’m a ‘fixer’, if I see a problem, I use my problem solving/research skills to create possibilities, and/or I see it as an opportunity to look at the problem in a different way.

I created this website https://www.10shirleyroad.org.nz/, to collate my research and ideas for my submission to the Christchurch City Council 2018 Long Term Plan, for the rebuild of the Shirley Community Centre, 10 Shirley Road, Christchurch.

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My suggestion is to combine city council resources with funding and donations to create a new Shirley Library, service centre, learning space and playground, with the existing Shirley Playcentre. That would lift up our community and give us a meeting place for all cultural, educational and recreational activities.

Our access to knowledge and where our locals have gathered since the earthquakes, is currently hidden in the car park of The Palms, as our Shirley Library.

I see the 10 Shirley Road site for the rebuild of the Shirley Community Centre, as an opportunity to solve some problems that exist in our suburb at the moment.

This meeting place will be for our local residents, and those living in Christchurch.

But also across the road from the 10 Shirley Road site, we have 20 different languages spoken by the children who attend Shirley Primary School.

We need to provide an opportunity to welcome these children and their families into our community.

We need to create a welcoming multi-cultural centre as a “Gateway to the East”, for these families and also for the many tourists from NZ and overseas who will be coming to our eastern suburbs to see for themselves what the earthquakes did to our city, and how we have rebuilt.