Street Art

Did you know we have Street Art on Stanmore Road?

Recently I was standing by the pedestrian crossing, when the side (Siddal Place) of the Blue Tiki Hair Studio, 330C Stanmore Road, caught my attention.

Then I noticed the telecommunications cabinet on the footpath outside 324 Stanmore Road, a colourful cottage.

I was wondering how we could makeover the businesses in Stanmore Road, in a way that would still tell the story of Richmond, and I realised we could add more Street Art.

What a difference it would make to Richmond’s streetscape, if the blank shop walls facing the street, told a different part of Richmond’s history/heritage.

Street Art would brighten up the area and become photo opportunities for not only the locals, but also our Christchurch visitors to the area and tourists.

Another great way to marketing our Richmond area throughout the world, with photos posted on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Councillor Sara Templeton recently posted this link on Facebook:
“The 13 Best Cities in the World to see Jaw-Dropping Street Art”

“Seeing the street art of Christchurch can be an emotional experience. New Zealand’s third-largest city still shows the scars of the 2011 earthquake, which brought down buildings and cracked open streets in the CBD. This fractured urban landscape has spurred responses from artists ever since — first, from guerilla scrawlers who would sneak past the barricades of the Red Zone, then increasingly in the form of commissioned murals as local officials cottoned on to the healing powers of art.”

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