River Road Park

Did you know on the 1st September 1929, 53 lime trees were planted on the north bank between the Swanns Road bridge and Medway Street?

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My vision for “River Road Park” is a place to enjoy ‘rest and relax’, where we remember our ‘identity, sense of place and history of the Christchurch’.

My idea for the ‘Ōtākaro Loop Reach’ is “River Road Park”.
Attractions include:
River Road
Becomes a multi use pathway from Swanns Road Bridge to the new Medway Street Bridge.
Accessible for bikes, wheelchairs, strollers, scooters etc. No vehicle access.
The new Medway Street Bridge and existing Swanns Road Bridge, create a loop from River River to Avonside Drive.
Dudley Creek Trail
Starting at the Shirley Community Centre, you could go along the Dudley Creek Trail, over the Medway Street Bridge, down Avonside Drive, over the Swanns Road Bridge, up River Road, back along the Dudley Creek Trail to the Shirley Community Centre, taking in all the attractions along this route.
Medway Street Bridge
Install a new wider bridge, from River Road/Medway Street to Avonside Drive.
Accessible for bikes, wheelchairs, strollers, scooters etc. No vehicle access.
This would reconnect the Richmond/Dallington/Avonside communities.
Medway Street Bridge Memorial
Install Richmond’s section of the original Medway Street Bridge (currently in storage at Ferrymead Heritage Park), as a memorial to the Christchurch Earthquakes.
Could include the names of those who died, and the street names of the residential Red Zone area.
R. B. Owen Lime Trees
“In a ceremony on 1 September 1929, politicians local and national planted 53 lime trees on the north bank between the Swanns Road bridge and Medway Street.”
It would be nice to replant these 53 lime trees to honor and tell R. B. Owen’s story.
Avebury House
Avebury House is situated at the beginning of the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor, its position is ideal as an information centre/cafe (similar to Riccarton House), for local “Red Zone Futures” attractions, Heritage Trails, Richmond History Group, Event Hire etc.
Avebury Paddling Pool & Playground
The new pool has new concrete surrounds, a water feature, seating areas, and access ramp and a large shade sail for sunny days.
Richmond Community Garden
This place is more than just a garden. If you haven’t been to visit, you are missing out on a great community garden, an educational resource with the best location, overlooking the Avon River.
The team are doing an amazing job so far, and more great ideas are planned for the future.
Avon-Ōtākaro Cycle Route
Starts in Draper Street, across Stanmore Road, to Swanns Road, where you can turn left on to River Road, or go straight ahead across the Swanns Road Bridge, connecting up with the Retreat Road Parks (‘Learn to Ride’ Park, Skate/Scooter/BMX Combo Park, Natural Playgrounds and Accessible/Sensory Playground).
Park Benches/Picnic Tables
To honor the families that had a home in the residential Red Zone along River Road, I would like a park bench or picnic table to be installed between the footpath and the road, with a named plaque, to honor what they have lost, and so they can come back to visit and have somewhere to sit and enjoy the Avon River views again.
‘White Picket Fence’ Garden
Keep the remaining garden plants along the front of the residential Red Zone along River Road. Plant native trees/plants behind these garden plants, to create a tiered effect.
Use a white picket paling, to mark the address of each house, with the house number on the paling, and a QR code, to link to a website/street view map, to remember and show visitors to the area the homes along River Road, from the 1900s to pre Christchurch earthquakes.

I would like to see more Weeping Willow trees planted along the Avon River banks, and some natural wooden swings, so you can sit/swing and enjoy the view.

Big smiles as Avebury Park paddling pool opens
Plans unveiled for bridge twisted in quake
Removal of Medway Street footbridge brings a mix of sadness, relief and hope
Symbolic bridge to be put in storage
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