CCC Shirley Community Reserve Feedback

Do you support the landscape plan for the Shirley Community Reserve pump track and multi-use concrete table?: No
Do you have any comments on the plan?: I do support Shannon’s request for a permanent pump track to be located within MacFarlane Park, which is why I got involved and emailed the Papanui-Innes Community Board.
I do not support the landscape plan or the proposed temporary “modular” pump track being purchased/installed on 10 Shirley Road.

Petition: Shirley Primary School students asked for a skate park in MacFarlane Park, not Richmond. Shirley residents have been asking the Papanui-Innes Board since 2001 for this facility, and up until now their requests have been ignored.
After the Board’s decision to accept the Council report, the student who presented the petition was quoted in the local newspaper: “temporary [modular] pump track is not the option he wants”.

Consultation: This consultation does not address the issue: that Shirley will still have no local skate facilities, for local children who are unable to travel outside of their neighbourhood. (1)
The consultation info asks two leading questions for a desired outcome, and doesn’t include any info regarding the actual location (Shirley Community Reserve = 10 Shirley Road, former Shirley Community Centre), costs, or noise/safety issues, so residents can make an informed decision.

Location: Shirley Community Reserve is in Richmond. The reserve does not have toilets. The closest toilets are at Jebson Street, by the flying fox at MacFarlane Park South Playground. This location is also where I suggested a permanent track could be made by adapting the path that goes around the flying fox. It is also the location of the Shirley Community Garden, and the main thoroughfare for Shirley children walking to and from Shirley Primary School. (2)

Type of Track: “Project Brief: Tracks can be permanent or modular design. In this case a modular design is preferred allowing for future relocation.” (3)
The Board has the opportunity to finally provide Shirley children with a permanent skate facility in their local MacFarlane Park, but the original Council report was based on a “modular” pump track design only.
“A location near Jebson Street beside the flying fox, toilets and Shirley Community Gardens was also considered, however, this has a separation of 25m between residents and the [modular] pump track. Further noise information would be required if this site was preferred over the site near Emmett Street.” (4)

Noise Issues: “The Environmental Health team have recommended that Council engage an independent noise engineer to test a modular pump track at Burwood and use readings to suggest a suitable distance [40m] between the proposed [modular] pump track and residents to ensure compliance with the District Plan.” (3)
I accept that the proposed “modular” pump track cannot be located in MacFarlane Park, Shirley, due to the above noise issues/setback required, relating to the 11 modular track section joins.
But a permanent track is basically a very bumpy asphalt footpath and wouldn’t have the same restrictions/setback requirements. Noise from the flying fox hasn’t been an issue, so why would there be a problem with noise from a permanent track?

Safety Issues: “Motorists running red lights on a signalised pedestrian crossing Shirley Rd [between Shirley Community Reserve and Shirley Primary School] have posed a major threat to pupils.” (5)
The Board has been aware of safety issues with the lights/crossing on Shirley Road since 2017, when I emailed my concerns/suggestions (which included delaying the pedestrian crossing signal change phase).
Local children in Shirley know there is an “invisible boundary line”, they are free to play unsupervised, as long as they don’t cross the major roads and stay within MacFarlane Park.
The proposed pump track will be mainly used after school and on the weekends, when the crossing lights (red light runners) from Shirley Primary to 10 Shirley Road, will not be supervised by a teacher.
If the proposed location is approved by the Board, Shirley children will be forced to cross a busy main road, Shirley Road, with known safety issues.

Environmental Issues: “[Christchurch City Council] have declared climate change emergencies and pledged to take urgent action to reduce their carbon emissions.” (6)
The Board is considering purchasing a “modular” pump track which is imported from overseas. The local businesses that created the #detour Gap Filler project on Manchester Street, could create a permanent skate track in MacFarlane Park, less expensive and less carbon emissions.

Shirley Community: “An east Christchurch suburb overlooked since the earthquakes is close to breaking point, community leaders say. Papanui-Innes Community Board chairwoman Ali Jones told a council submissions hearing on Monday Shirley was in dire need of new community facilities, but had been largely left out of the Christchurch City Council’s draft 10-year budget. “Our ward has been forgotten in many ways, particularly the Shirley area – an area that is in the east but not in the east we hear so much about.” “The community is close to breaking point. They need a place to meet, to gather, to mend.” (7) 30th April 2018

Papanui-Innes Community Board Plan 2017-2019:
“Strong Communities | Board Priorities: (for the next two years) Develop a ten year plan for the area at 10 Shirley Road for community use. The plan will be considered in the Long Term Plan. The rebuild of a community centre on the land at 10 Shirley Road is designed and commenced.
Strong Communities | We will measure our success by: Development of a ten year plan for the area at 10 Shirley Road and consideration in the Long Term Plan. This may include, among other items, a children’s playground, community gardens and a community centre. A community board community working party commencing to work with technical staff to design and begin the rebuild of a community facility at 10 Shirley Road.
Prosperous economy | Board Priorities: (for the next two years) Successful rebuild of the 10 Shirley Road.
Prosperous economy | We will measure our success by: Commencement of the rebuild of the 10 Shirley Road Community Centre.” (8)

As a community we need to ask ourselves whether we want temporary facilities as part of our children’s childhood memories?
Or whether we should be investing in building permanent facilities? Facilities that enliven our community, and rise up a sense of identity and well-being through the memories created, when our children connect with our community spaces.

(2) MacFarlane Park South Playground
(3) 2018/19 Capital Endowment Fund Application Decision Matrix:
(4) Modular Pump Track Shirley Report:

Where would you prefer the multi-use table to be located?: Other location (please describe below)
Comments – Please be as specific as possible: There has been much debate online and in the local papers questioning the cost and safety issues (concrete table near playground, wayward ping pong balls near a busy main road) of this proposed multi-use table.
Since these debates, a wooden picnic table has been anonymously placed in the Shirley Community Reserve.
The seating/picnic table that the resident original asked the Board for, has been kindly donated by someone in our community.
There is no need to purchase this concrete multi-use table and concrete seating.