“Where is our Community Centre” Petition

“Our communities lost our well used and well loved community centre at 10 Shirley Rd, following the February 2011 earthquake. We need a new community facility to serve the wider communities of North Richmond, Shirley, Mairehau, Edgeware and St Albans east of Cranford Street. We the undersigned, request that Christchurch City Council work with us to rebuild our beloved community centre as soon as possible.”

Please sign/share this petition to ask the Christchurch City Council, for a new community facility to be built at 10 Shirley Road, Richmond, Christchurch. Thanks for your support!


Below are some great comments from supporters, sharing why signing this petition is important to them:
– “This area lost so much in the Earthquake and after the Earthquake. We want our community centre back.” Jennifer D.
– “We have lost so many amenities in our area since the earthquakes. We don’t need to lose our community centre as well. Our community centre needs to be reinstated.” Margaret S.
– “It has been 8 and a half years since our community centre was destroyed in the February 2011 earthquake. It’s unbelievable that there are no plans to rebuild this once vibrant and well used centre. I am frustrated by the lack of priority given to repairing assets this area and the inequity in funding across the city.” Jane H.
– “I’m signing because community facilities are an essential part of building healthy supportive community groups and would like to point out that this type community rebuilding asset is the kind of thing that post-quake donations were intended for – not for shifting the Christchurch cenotaph.” Patricia W.
– “Reinstatement of this community hub is vital to the mental and physical health of the community.” Judith H.
– “We built Tauranga for tourists, we re-built the town hall for tourists, we are building the convention center for tourists…what did we build for ourselves?” Don G.
– “Every community need a hub.” Penny M.
– “I’m signing because our kids need more access to community ventures in our area. I’m signing because every community needs a hub.” Milly S.
– “Communities require hubs. Communities must develop an identity, without our own culture we are not enhancing our personal and community well-being along with community safety.” Sue P.
– “I would like to see the Community Centre reinstated for the benefit of the local Residents.
– “A facility which encourages local participation and engagement would be warmly embraced in this resource depleted area.” Shirley S.
– “The centre used to be so busy before the quakes and shows that the community still needs a space.” Lucinda L.
– “Every community needs a Community centre. Shirley has lost so much, please reinstate our hub.” Susan G.
– “The community needs this back. This us a big loss to community groups in the area.” Tania M.
– “I grew up in this area and walked passed that community centre everyday on my way to school, I attend numerous activities within its walls over the years and I do believe my Grandfather attended primary school there before it was a community centre. Having a community centre is valuable for the residing residents.” Roxy T.
– “This community centre is much needed.” Mandi S.
– “I was a resident of the Shirley area and often used the Community Centre. A lot has changed since then and a new community centre would give back some much needed community spirit!” Anne McA.
– “Having grown up in this area, I can only support these communities in their endeavour to heighten wellbeing and resilience though meeting and activity space. Kia kaha.” Rik T.
– “I’m signing because we have lost our community amenities almost entirely since the quakes, with no hope of regaining them either, so i know how bad it is to be without them.” Alma R.
– “When I lived in Avonside Till EQS used to go there all the time as our Cant.Branch Family History centre was there.” Yvonne H.
– “Community centres are essential. Our area needs to be looked after.” Georgina C.
– “Don’t you think our communities have lost enough? Christchurch almost lost it’s identity, but the communities held us together. It’s getting harder and harder to do as the years drag on. We all need some semblance of normality back to grow strong again.” Jennifer P.