“Planning a bright future for Richmond”

Tuesday, July 24 2018 | Pegasus Post | Page 6

So What Happens After? By Joanna Gould
After the Dudley Creek Flood Remediation is finished, most people will forget the effort that has gone into this engineering feat.
After the Northern Corridor Motorway is finished, most traffic will flow through Cranford Street, Hills Road and Marshlands Road.
After the new QEII campus is finished, most of our teenagers will be traveling to the new Shirley Boys High and Avonside Girls High schools.
So what does this mean for Richmond?
Will Stanmore Road become a drive by, instead of a drive through part of Richmond?
Will it be easier and more convenient to go to another Mall after school?
So do we wait til after more shops have closed down on Stanmore Road?
Do we look at the problems or do we see the potential in Richmond?
I prefer to look at the positives and focus on our strengths, which is why I created “Rise Up Richmond” website: www.riseuprichmond.co.nz.
I was surprised to find out that we have so many stories to tell.
Did you know Richmond was originally called Bingsland?
Did you know the Stanmore Road shops already has a name? Richmond Village.
This area does need a makeover to help tell the Richmond Village story.
We have an identity, we have a rich Māori/Early Settlers heritage and Archaeological/Architectural history.
But we haven’t been sharing these stories with the rest of Christchurch or our NZ/overseas visitors.
So what happens after?
Richmond Village could become a destination space for our history, our food and our art.
I have a few ideas (www.riseuprichmond.nz/ideas/) including: Dudley Creek Trail, Kai Town, Street Art, Sutton’s Place and River Road Park at the beginning of the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor Regeneration Area (http://riseuprichmond.nz/red-zones-future-ideas-map-by-joanna-gould/).
If you would like to know more, each idea has a separate page on www.riseuprichmond.co.nz, or email me: joanna@riseuprichmond.co.nz.