Kai Town

Did you know we have over 15 takeaways & restaurants, located throughout Stanmore Road?

Regenerate Christchurch have suggested as part of the “Ōtākaro Loop Reach ‘Christchurch on a plate’: Cafes, bars and restaurants showcasing the region’s cuisine as well as providing opportunities for people to enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful setting.”

Heritage NZ describes the Richmond area “as a food resource for Maori and Pakeha settlers.”

“kai” | noun | “Maori, NZ food”
“town” | noun | “an urban area that has a name, defined boundaries, and local government, and that is generally larger than a village and smaller than a city.”

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So why don’t we create “Kai Town” an international smorgasbord within Stanmore Road featuring:
Red Orchid Thai, Hot Kiwi Food Hangi, Chillax Café, Burger Station, Richmond Seafoods Burgers Fish & Chips, On A Roll Bakery, Sun Ning Takeaways, Taj of India, Richmond Working Men’s Club, Ruedi’s Café, Bahn Thai, Persian Kitchen, The Sideline Restaurant & Bar, The Silk Road Souvlaki, North Avon Fish Fry, The Bombay Brasserie.

“Kai Town” is just an idea to promote the international smorgasboard of takeaways & restaurants, located throughout Stanmore Road in the Richmond Village.

We have a number of untenanted commercial properties…how easy would it be to market these properties to potential restaurants/takeaways to become a part of “Kai Town”?

It’s also an opportunity for the small business owners, to combine resources to create a brand/identity. Marketing could be combined, so it is more affordable for each business.

When you have visitors coming from overseas, and you don’t know what to feed them…
Come to Kai Town, your local international smorgasbord, all within walking distance, through Stanmore Road, Richmond, Christchurch.