Community Needs: Community Centres

Just a quick update. I finished my feedback for “Draft OARC Regenerate Plan” for Christchurch last night.
Supporting Information:

Since the beginning of this year I have been researching the community needs for Shirley, then Richmond.
But recently I have been researching Dallington & looking into my idea for a community centre at the former Burwood Primary School site, so that the Shirley Library building at The Palms can be sold.
I remembered Bebe Frayle from the Dallington Residents Association LTP presentation:

If you have a look at, my research shows the need for two community centres:
OARC Regeneration Plan Idea for Shirley/Richmond by Joanna Gould
“Shirley/Richmond, new Community Centre at 10 Shirley Road opposite Shirley Primary School, includes Shirley Library, Learning Spaces, Service Centre, sell Shirley Library building at The Palms.”
OARC Regeneration Plan Idea for Dallington/Burwood/Avondale by Joanna Gould
“Dallington/Burwood/Avondale, new Community Centre at 255 New Brighton Road close to All Saints Church, includes Coastal-Burwood Governance Unit more central to their residents, small Meeting/Learning spaces with kitchen, Service Centre, Volunteer Library similar to Redcliffs Village Library, sell Shirley Library building at The Palms.”

It was frustrating to find the Coastal-Burwood Community Board had asked Sarah Wylie to research their Community Needs in 2017.
Pg 69-103 ‘Coastal-Burwood Community Facility Needs Assessment’
Prepared for Community Governance Team, Coastal Burwood By Sarah Wylie
Pg 102 “Strong feedback came through supporting development of a community hub facility serving Burwood, Avondale and Dallington.
The former Burwood School site was identified as the best location for this, close to All Saints Church, another key amenity in the area.
Demand was identified for smaller meeting spaces and accompanying kitchen able to cater for group activities, particularly for older adults.”

The former Burwood Primary School site is now:
Re: former Burwood School Site (255 New Brighton Road) which is currently in the disposal process by Ministry of Education and LINZ.
Attachments: List of disposals as at 30 November 2018
“Pg 5, 3452777, Canterbury, Ministry of Education, 255 New Brighton Road, New Brighton, Christchurch, Disposal Status: Right of First Refusal”

The latest updates from the Coastal-Burwood Community Board are:
“4. Community Board Plan – Update against Outcomes
On 1 October 2018, the Board met to receive and review progress on its Community Board Plan 2017 – 2019, which had been monitored against the Board’s agreed Outcomes and Priorities.
A community facility for Dallington/Burwood was seen as a priority. It was agreed that the Board would next review its Board Plan in June 2019.”
“5. Deputations by Appointment
Burwood/Avondale/Dallington Group – Burwood/Avondale/Dallington Community Hub, Bebe Frayle and David Collins will speak on behalf of the Burwood/Avondale/Dallington Group regarding the Burwood/Avondale/Dallington Community Hub.”
“5.4.1 Burwood, Avondale and Dallington Community Group
The Burwood, Avondale and Dallington community group meetings continue to happen monthly. The group is supported by Coastal-Burwood Community Governance staff and Board members. The group are currently organising three community events, one in each area as well as a combined event to be held in March of 2019.
The group are completing a feasibility study with regards to having a combined Community Hub to collectively service the three suburbs. The Burwood, Avondale and Dallington areas have dramatically reduced community spaces/places as a result of the 2010/2011 earthquakes with approximately over half of the land and housing lost to the red zone.”

Obviously my concern now is, if the Dallington/Burwood/Avondale community were researched by Sarah Wylie in September 2017, and still have no community centre, and have to wait til June 2019 for the Board to review its Board Plan.

What does this mean for the Shirley/Richmond community, that have been researched by Sarah Wylie in October/November 2018, with a report due to be presented to the Papanui-Innes Community Board early next year, when are we likely to see a community centre?