Red Zones Future: Ideas Map by Joanna Gould

Today I created a new Google My Maps, for my Red Zone Futures: Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor ideas/feedback.

My Maps has allowed me to present an interactive map of the whole area showing:

“Rise Up Richmond” Places (black/white icon):
Kai Town, Sutton’s Place, Avebury House, Richmond Community Garden, Richmond Village Green, Richmond Playground, Richmond Neighbourhood Cottage, Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor, Avon-Ōtākaro Cycle Route, Shirley Community Centre, Dudley Creek.

Metro Info Bus Routes (colour coded as per network map).

My ideas for Richmond/Avonside and the Red Zone Futures: Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor  include:
Shirley Community Centre
Dudley Creek
Kai Town
Street Art
Sutton’s Place
River Road Park
River Bank Centre
Retreat Road Park
Kerrs Reach
Woodham Park.

Each pin is clickable and has more info/links, + & -, are in the bottom left hand corner, so you can zoom in/out.

Click on the square with arrow, in the top left hand corner, to show/hide map legend/layers.

As a Richmond resident, I have seen & heard of the impact that a ‘big project’ like Dudley Creek Flood Remediation, has had on our community.

The lessons we have learnt as a community are that a ‘big project’ can = big overspent budgets, big time delays, big amount of damage to roads used by heavy trucks, big affect on the locals mental health & wellbeing.
Basically a ‘big project’ can cause a community big problems.

I hope Regenerate Christchurch, the Christchurch City Council, and our NZ Government, think through all the land use suggestions for the Red Zone Futures, very carefully. The people in the east of Christchurch have been through enough.

My ideas are based on:
– turning a problem into an opportunity eg. Dudley Creek Trail, an educational & technical learning site on flood remediation.
– marketing what we already have in our local community eg. Avebury House, Richmond Community Garden, Kai Town & Sutton’s Place.
– recycle/reuse infrastructure/buildings that we already have in our local community eg. using part of River Road & Avonside Drive as a multi use pathway, creating a ‘Research, Design & Technology’ River Bank Centre at Avonside Girls & recommission Townsend Observatory from The Arts Centre.
– limiting earthworks, by building attractions on top of the land eg. Retreat Road Park, so we don’t disturb any archaeological/Māori/early settler or contaminated sites.
– combine resources/technology, a hub for ‘learning, discover, ideas and innovation’ eg. creating a ‘Research, Design & Technology’ River Bank Centre at Avonside Girls, and creating Digital Story Telling using Technology.
– bring our unique NZ history to life eg. Māori Heritage Park, Avebury House, Sutton’s Place, R. B. Owen Lime Trees, Kerrs Reach, Woodham Park.
– sharing our Christchurch Earthquakes story eg. Medway Street Bridge Memorial, “wayfinding” info signage, park benches with a plaque of the residential Red Zone street names, picket fence paling with street number/QR Code linked to Google Street View/pre earthquake photos, so you can see the homes that use to be in the residential Red Zone.
– creating unique Visitor Attractions for the benefit of Christchurch residents and visitors from outside Christchurch, plenty of opportunties to take selfies/photos to post on social media and share with family & friends all around the world.

Our Shared Ōtākaro Avon River Vision
The river is part of us and we are part of the river.
It is a living part of our city.
A place of history and culture
where people gather, play, and celebrate together.
A place of learning and discovery
where traditional knowledge, science and technology meet.
A place for ideas and innovation
where we create new ways of living and connecting.

with each other, with nature and with new possibilities.
– Regenerate Christchurch